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......for water treatment plants. It works with online zeta to automate coagulant feed, reduce coagulant demand, extend filter run times and improve dewatering.
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Reduces The Dose

LowDose™ rapidly reads water conditions, finds the optimum coagulant dose, and adjusts the feed. You'll be surprised how much lower the dose is. 

Improves Dewatering

LowDose™ enhances dewatering. Less coagulant, lower free aluminum/iron content, and better floc all come together to improve dewatering..

Improves Filter Performance

LowDose™ Software can dramatically increase 

filter run times. Installations/pilots thus far have shown at least a 2X increase.

Is a Green Technology

LowDose™ is a Green Technology, providing reductions in the consumption of both water and energy.

Improves  Operations

LowDose™ Software reduces work for operators, and improves operations while lowering the  cost .

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Provides Confidence

LowDose™ has multiple safety features, no need to worry about overfeeding or underfeeding the coagulant.



“LowDose™ software has improved the operation of our water plant beyond expectations. We are now confident we can successfully treat the water throughout any upset of our water source.”

Darrell Horner

Lead Operator-City of Salisbury

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