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LowDose Software
Improves Dewatering

Dewatering is improved for all types of processes including; centrifuge, belt filter press, plate and frame, and screw press.

This happens for several reasons:

  1. Less coagulant and less polymer in the water translates into less waste material.

  2. The floc fully precipitates when the pH range remains inside the optimum temperature-compensated pH band.

  3. Excessive coagulant destabilizes the floc.


Using LowDose™ means less coagulant and more stable floc.

The photos of the cake (below) were taken at the same water plant before and after running LowDose Software. The second cake is much darker, showing how much less coagulant and other unnecessary materials are present.

Sludge frpm water plant


Sludge from water plant
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