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LowDose Software Improves Filter Performance

The EPA recommends maximum turbidity removal at the clarifier prior to conventional filtration. Increasing coagulant and polymer dosages can improve clarifier performance, however, this often leads to poor filter performance.


We believe this is because of electrostatic charge. The filter media possesses an anionic charge ( ), and the chemicals have a cationic charge ( + ). The particles are attracted to the filter, restricting the flow of the water. This increases head loss and shortens filter run times. Overdosing the coagulant results in even more particles sticking to the filter.


LowDose™ Software creates an anionic charge on the carryover particles, eliminating the electrostatic attraction between the filter media and the particles. This allows the filter to remain open and the water to flow freely thru. 

Our software, in combination with the zeta potential analyzer, can dramatically improve the performance of your filter.

LowDose softer panel housing online zeta analyzer for automated coagulant feed.
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