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Highly Recommended, Sometimes Necessary
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Online Zeta Analyzer

Accurately measures the strength of the floc. LowDose™ uses this reading, along with other vital measurements of the water, to determine the optimum, temperature adjusted, coagulant dose. 


This differs from a streaming current analyzer. It doesn't need calibrating, won't drift, works in all waters and is accurate.

MarMac Water can assist in locating a zeta analyzer for your plant.


Clean and Cal by Hach

Accurate probe readings are important. 

You can clean and calibrate your Hach pH and ORP process probes without having to remove them from the stream of water, or manually transport the cleaning tools and solutions.

Permanently mount unit on a wall or board adjacent to the current location of your probe, divert water from the stream to the ‘Clean and Cal’ unit via tubing, then mount the probe in the unit. If you clean and calibrate once a week, you only need to the fill containers above the unit with a weak acid (citric or vinegar), buffer solutions and distilled rinse water, once every six months. Easily clean and calibrate via toggle switches.

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