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LowDose Software Services for Water Plants

Jar Testing

Our jar tests are thorough and incorporate the latest advances in the science of coagulation, including automated zeta potential and an understanding of how temperature adjusted pH effects each coagulant. It includes a comparison of alternative coagulants. 


You receive an in-depth written report and consultation.


Operator training can be purchased and provided during the same visit that the jar testing is taking place. CE credits possible - requirements vary by state.

If you are considering LowDose™ Software for your plant, you should have a jar test in advance. The testing should be performed onsite and indicates: 1) coagulation and polymer performance, 2) process improvements and 3) operational cost savings and a 4) site survey.

The testing requires one to two days. Example reports and pricing available on request.


We can perform a pilot or full-scale demonstration of LowDose™ software. It's easy to set-up and can be installed and operational in one day. 

The equipment is normally sited at the rapid mix, which simplifies things. You only need 110V single phase power. 

Our integrator will work with your SCADA technician, using your existing plant technology, such as flow rate, pH, temperature, turbidity, and organic content. We provide an on-line zeta analyzer.

Demonstrations normally run for thirty days. 

Pilot includes start-up assistance, monitoring and operator training. Complete report at conclusion. 

Example report and pricing upon request.

Operator Training

Recent discoveries in coagulation control, differs from past accepted practices. Marmac Water provides virtual and onsite operator training. Our coagulation workshop provides a brush-up on best practices from the past, and covers recent advances in the science of coagulation.


Operators and management will gain knowledge regarding the function of inoraganic coagulants and organic flocculants, including factors that degrade or optimize reactions such a pH, water temperature, alkalinity, particle charge and organics. It also covers jar testing as a tool and improved methods for jar testing.

CE credits may be available, depending upon state requirements.

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