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LowDose Software
Reduces Coagulant Dosage

Currently, water plant operators control the feed of coagulants manually.


In order to stay ahead of turbidity events and avoid plant upset they have to overfeed. Industry experts estimate that water plants overdose by about 25%.

LowDose™ Software uses several objective inputs including 1) pH, 2) temperature, 3) turbidity, 4) zeta potential, 5) flow rate, and in some cases 6) organic content, to determine true coagulant demand.


The readings are updated in real time, allowing LowDose™ Software to work throughout rapidly changing conditions such as rain events, snow melt, and variance in water temperature.

The program finds the optimum dosage level, given the current conditions, and adjusts as the water conditions change. The software constantly doses the correct amount.

The chart below illustrates a simulated water plant:  LowDose™ Software vs. Manual Feed. 

  Red=Turbidity  Blue=Manual Dose  Green=Actual Demand

Manual vs automatic feed of coagulant with online zeta analyzer plus LowDose.
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