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Why Choose LowDose™ Automatic Coagulation 


LowDose™ Patented Software can pay for itself, in most cases ROI will be achieved within one to two years. It runs on 110V single phase wiring and is relatively easy to install.


LowDose™ is analyzer driven. It starts working immediately, optimizing coagulant feed. AI machine learning software needs a year's worth of data to start working and will only match the best performance of your plant in the past year, never better. LowDose Software starts working immediately, will work as conditions change, and continue to work even if novel situations arise.


LowDose™ satisfies both the plant operators, who prioritize the quality of the water, and the plant managers, who need to balance the budget.


LowDose™ has multiple guardrails to prevent runaway chemical dosing.  It is driven by zeta potential rather than streaming current, so you don't need to worry about drift. Plus, there's no need to calibrate.


You will understand what LowDose™ Software can do for the performance of your water plant before you purchase. We perform jar testing and an onsite survey, then run a pilot, both include the use of a zeta analyzer. 

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