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Easy Explanation - Zeta Potential and Its Importance for Water Treatment.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

1) Ions immersed in water take on a charge, either positive or negative.

A cation is a positively charged ion (more protons than electrons) while an anion is a negatively charged ion (more electrons than protons).

Cations and anions attract each other and form ionic compounds.

2) Particles form when many ions group together.

3) Zeta potential is the measurement of charge at the particle's outermost layer, the shear plane.

4) Zeta potential is important to the stability of particles in water. Particles with a more neutral charge at the outermost layer remain solid and settle out.

5) Zeta potential is measured by observing the speed and direction of the particles in the water.

The zeta potential analyzer applies an electric field to a water sample. This causes the ions in the water to move towards the electrode with the opposite charge.

How fast they are moving identifies the strength of the zeta potential, and which direct they are moving indicates the charge of zeta, either positive or negative.

6) Zeta potential analyzers have been successfully used in other industries including the manufacturing of electronic chips, paints, medications, for several years.

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